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Petkit Pura Air Smart Odor Eliminator

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Proactive Jetting Mode

  • The Pura Air comes with 2 modes.
  • The Inductive mode removes odor automatically when your pet enters within its vicinity.
  • The intermittent mode cycles every 6 hours automatically to keep the air in the room fresh.

Modular Refresher

  • A module within the Pura Air contains extracts from 20 different plants that are safe and non-toxic. These plant extracts can eliminate the odor by breaking down odor inducing compounds (ie. hydrogen sulfide) in the room and provides you with a room that is odorless and fresh.

Infrared Thermal

  • The Pura Air is equipped with an infrared thermal sensor that can automatically identify objects (ie. pets) that enter its detection range, then release and the natural extracts to eliminate odor.

Ionic Air Purifier

  • The Pura Air is an ionizer that can remove airborne particles (ie. dust, viruses, etc) decreasing you and your pet's chances of catching some sort of viral bug!